Projet Grand Maillet is named after the first new research vessel built for the International Coastal Research Center in Otsuchi since the disaster. The name of Otsuchi town means ‘big maillet’ in English and ‘grand maillet’ in French.


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The 23rd Pacific Science Congress, on June, 2016, Taipei 【finished】
The 23rd Pacific Science Congress 
"Science, Technology, and Innovation: Building a Sustainable Future in Asia and the Pacific" on 13-17 June,2016

■Session #: 6-5

■Session Title:
 Science for a Huge Disaster-Lessons from Great East Japan Earthquake and Others in Asian Countries


■Venue:Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan

■Convener: Kazu Kogure,  the University of Tokyo, Japan   
   Suchana Apple Chavanich,  Chulalongkorn University,Thailand


On March 11, 2011, a huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the north eastern part of Japan and caused serious damages to the people, towns,industries and marine environments. Japanese scientists launched a 10-years project,“Tohoku Ecosystem-Associated Marine Sciences (TEAMS)” supported by MEXT in January 2012 and have conducted multidisciplinary research for clarifying the changes of the ecosystems and also for helping local people especially fishermen to restore their industries.
The aims of this session are, first, to show our scientific knowledge obtained by TEAMS and related projects after disasters, and second, to clarify the significance and future direction of related works by exchanging experiences and ideas among scientists from different countries.

14:00- Opening remarks
  Kazu Kogure & Suchana Apple Chavanich

14:05- Overview of the TEAMS (Tohoku Ecosystem-Associated Marine Science) Project for Restoring the Rich Ocean through Science
  Akihiro Kijima, Kazuhiro Kogure and Hiroshi Kitazato

14:25- Damages to Marine Environments in Thailand After the Great Sumatra Earthquake in 2004
  Suchana Apple Chavanich

14:45- Influence of the Oyashio Current and Tsushima Warm Current on the circulation and water properties of Otsuchi Bay, Japan
  Miho Ishizu, Sachihiko Itoh, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Kosei Komatsu

15:00- Possible tsunami-impacts on the microbial system of Otsuchi Bay, Northeast Japan, following the Great East Japan Earthquake
   Yanhui Yang, Hideki Fukuda, Toshi Nagata

15:15- Impacts and recoveries of the tidal flat ecosystems after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
  Waka Sato-Okoshi, Tomohiko Kondoh, Gen Kanaya, 
  Suzuki Takao, Jotaro Urabe

16:00- Geo-environment change caused by the 3.11 tsunami disaster around the Tohoku coastal area. 
  Izumi Sakamoto, Yuka Yokoyama, Masatoshi Yagi, Mikio Fujimaki,
  Katsuhiko Tanaka, Kenji Nemoto, Yoshihiro Fujiwara

16:15- Restoration of scallop farm and transition of the productivity for the farmed scallops in Ogatsu Bay (northeastern Japan) following the Great East Japan Earthquake
  Makoto Osada

16:30- Mapping the state of the coastal and deep sea ecosystems after the 3.11 Great East Japan earthquake
  Takehisa Yamakita

16:45- Science in society and Science for society: case study in TEAMS
  Hiroshi Kitazato

17:05- General Discussion
  Kazu Kogure & Suchana Apple Chavanich

■Contact: Kazu Kogure 
e-mail:,  Tel: +81-4-7136-6160